Traditional Vertical Frames

Adding a Vertical Frame to your Reformer dramatically increases programming options — along with the full Reformer repertoire, about 80% of Cadillac exercises can be performed with just one machine.


Traditional Vertical Frames are also available for all models and suitable for older model Reformers with traditional rope systems. These frames do not include Travelling Pulley Eyehooks, but feature fixed eyehooks. Comes equipped with 2 Push-Thru Springs, 2 Roll-Down Springs with Maple Roll-Down Bar, 2 Arm Springs with Foam Grip Handles, 2 Leg Springs with Padded Long Spine Straps, 2 Extension Straps, 2 Travelling Spring Hooks, 2 Travelling Pulleys and a Safety Chain. NOTE: VERTICAL FRAMES CANNOT BE ADDED TO THE HOME SPX MODELS.

V2 Max                ST-02039
Rehab V2 Max    ST-02012
SPX Max             ST-02076

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